Tuesday, February 2, 2021

How Coronavirus Covid -19 impact the world - is this from God?

Is this from God?

This disaster has already been destroyed many things we had. Many people in many various ways are trying to come out of this tragedy. Do you think this virus from God?

Scientists never accept it, ordinary people as well. In the modern era, we know, from time to time some form of disaster or tragedy gives us, reminds us the universal truth that if something created it should be closed. Some people have given arguments that this virus made by man. Origin of the virus from an animal like BAT. 

Last year (2020) some powerful counties were charging this virus originated from Wuhan - China and directly it rejected by China. Almost one year passed, now many people thinking about how to come out of this disease. Yes. We need to think about it. Therefore scientists are working hard to find out medicine or vaccine. 

Nowadays, the vaccine market is hot with various names. It will take some time to realize that what is this virus actually. We should follow the health guidelines until a declaration come out on "Virus over". The reality is in our deep mind, Is this from God? 

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