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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Baddest Cruise Ship in the World

Royal Caribbean’s latest cruise ship creation is the largest and most dramatic one yet. The Quantum of the Seas is designed to be the be all, end all of cruising opportunities, and with all of the amazing spaces and extraordinary implementations of technology it boasts, it just might be. From stunning décor and visual effects to awesome recreational spaces, this ship seriously has it all. Who would have imagined being able to roller-skate at sea, or crash about in bumper cars? Even if you had imagined it, it’s doubtful that you would have thought of ever experiencing the likes of sky diving aboard a cruise ship. The pool areas on board are practically as extensive as the ocean views, and speaking of views, this ship sports an amazing spherical observation platform that extends over the ocean below

One of the best parts about a cruise has to be the food, and this ship offers several fine and casual dining establishments. Whether you’re looking for a romantic and elegant evening of gourmet food, or you just want to grab a quick snack or a meal the kids will love, this ship has come prepared. Of course, the private areas of the ship are extremely important to each person’s cruise experience, and the staterooms of this ship are truly amazing. The suites especially are stunning, with their open, modern spaces and jaw-dropping views. Everything about this ship, from bow to stern is designed to impress and thrill, and all of these photos contest to how well this effort was brought to reality.

The enormity of the ship makes it look more like a floating city block than a cruise ship.

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